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BLDC Technology

BLDC Technology

Do you know about the BLDC Technology? You must have heard of a new type of Fan available in the market – BLDC Fan. What is it and how is it different from the conventional Fan? Does it offer any benefit or what are its pros and cons? Let us understand quickly.

The BLDC Technology

BLDC stands for Brushless Direct Current. The Fans made with the BLDC technology have a Synchronous Motor clubbed with the Direct Current (DC) source. It has a comprehensive Power Supply system which converts the Alternating Current (AC) to Direct Current (DC) which drives the Motor. The conventional Fans run on the Alternating Current source directly drawn from the Electrical Wiring. The BLDC Fans have a permanent Magnet steering the Motor in contrast to the Electromagnets found in the Conventional Fans. The conventional ceiling Fans have an Induction Motor.

The ceiling fans normally run on two types of motors – the Brushed Motors and Brushless Motors. Carbon Brushes are used in an electric motor to transfer power between the rotating Armature Coils and stationary Wires to the Rotor. A Brush makes a contact with the Rotating Rings to supply current to the Coil. Due to the rubbing of Brushes with the Rings, a noise is generated usually in a conventional Fan. When conventional Fans are used with an Inverter supply, you may hear a ringing noise. This is very much evident in a Near Sign-Wave or Square-Wave Inverter. Of course using Electric Motors having Brushes is not at all recommended and unhealthy for the Motor. BLDC Fans don’t have Brushes and hence do not generate such noise and it can be safely used with an Inverter.

Comparison Between Conventional and BLDC Fans

  • BLDC Fans consume much lower energy compared to the Conventional Fans
  • Better and Long-Time Backup is obtained on Inverters when BLDC Fans are used
  • A BLDC Fan is much more reliable than a Conventional Fan
  • BLDC Fans have a longer lifespan compared to the Conventional Fans
  • BLDC Fans have a Conduction Cooling mechanism compared to Conventional Fans which use external air-flow for cooling the Motor. The Coils in a BLDC motor are supported by the housing assembly which allows the Motor to get cooled by Conduction
  • The Permanent Magnet technology in a BLDC Fan uses significantly less power with virtually no loss of Heat. The Conventional – Induction – Motors use a lot of Power and generate Heat
  • Having no Brushes in a BLDC Fan, the Mechanical wear and tear is very minimal
  • The Speed Regulators of BLDC are Digital, thus reducing the flow of Current into the Motor. The Conventional Fans have Regulators that work on the principle of Capacitive Resistance to control the flow of Current and thus speed of the Fan
  • BLDC Fans are higher priced compared to the Conventional Fans. But the long-term benefits of a BLDC Fan justifies the price difference

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