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Climate Change and Solar Power

Climate Change and Solar Power

Solar Power is the leading form of Renewal Energy and it is going to be affected by the Climate Change due to Global Warming.

A study conducted by researchers at the Princeton University has revealed that areas that are considered ideal for Solar Power could be less viable in the future. American Southwest, Middle East which are hot and arid regions, are more susceptible for fluctuations in the sunlight.

The studies found that surface temperature goes higher gradually. This results in increase in the moisture, aerosols and particulates in the atmosphere. Consequence of this will be an overall decrease in solar radiation and an increase in the number of cloudy days.

Due to the increase in temperature, the soil gets dry which is of a great concern. Due to this, the Atmospheric Turbulance and Temperature increase. The dry soil potentially increases the amount of Dust and Atmospheric Aerosols. Consequently the Solar Radiation will get reduced.

By all means, we must find a solution to the reasons for Global Warming and its effect on our environment and living. Otherwise our future generation is going to suffer.

Information Source: Climate change could mean fewer sunny days for hot regions banking on solar power

Image Courtesy: Activ Solar (, Licensed under the Creative Commons | Flickr

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