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Covid-19 Global Situation

Covid-19 Global Situation

Covid-19 is continuing to spread around the world with its second wave in many countries, skyrocketing the infections, deaths and associated health issues.

WHO Covid-19 Dashboard shows that Globally there are 150,110,310+ confirmed cases as of 30th April. This includes 3,158,792 deaths reported to WHO. The number of Vaccine doses administered is about 1,011,457,859+ as of 28th April 2021. About 878,386 new cases have been registered as of 30th April. The figures could be much different at the time of writing this article.

The Pandemic

Many countries are fighting desperately to put an end to the spread of the virus and protect its citizens and residents by implementing various strict measures. Partial/Full Lockdown, Night Curfew, Restrictions in Travel etc. are around the world.

The original virus has got modified to many versions with different intensities and side-effects. No one can say when will the world see and end to this Pandemic situation and life becomes normal once again.

Hospitals and Covid Care facilities are finding it extremely difficult to accommodate the patients and provide them with proper care due to various reasons. The normal life is seriously affected and all that mostly due to carelessness and irresponsibility of the public.

Our Responsibility

We, as responsible citizens, must realize the seriousness of the situation and understand the limitations of respective governments in providing help, care and support. It is our responsibility to ensure that we strictly follow the health guidelines, restrictions and cooperate with the respective authorities.

It is agreed that many of us are totally frustrated about various restrictions and inability to travel and meet with dear and near as freely as we could do before the pandemic. But only we can stop spread of the virus, adhering to the strictest measures. How much ever the governments and authorities do, the final responsibility is with every individual. We must realize what is needed and what can be avoided.

Partying, Touring, Gathering and Enjoying can wait as they are only of secondary importance at this point of time. Travel Bans and Flight Restrictions have affected a large number of people throughout the globe especially with those working overseas. Many people have lost their jobs and business establishments are finding to run the business.

I happened to read a news article which suggests that it may be 2025 and beyond where we can expect a normalcy in the life and overall situation. But if that is true, we do not know how the world will be at that stage. So, let us not extend it that much, put all our efforts to contain the virus well before that and start leading a normal life as we did before.

Prayers also can do miracle and let us all pray god to put an end to all our sufferings and protect us from any untoward.

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