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Covid-19 Pandemic Etiquette

Covid-19 Pandemic Etiquette

The world is going through a very tough time of Covid-19 Pandemic and we all must follow some etiquette and discipline.

As a matter of safety of yourselves as well as your dear and near ones, the safety and precautionary measures must be maintained. It is not a question of whether you like or not, but it is mandatory for the interest of all.

The Second Wave of Covid-19 virus is gripping the world with almost every country reporting unprecedented rise in the active infections and death. The public must be determined to understand and act wisely to respond to this situation. There is no other way to stop and contain the spread of the virus.

We all have gone through very tough situations (and still going through) without any signs of getting out of the pandemic – we don’t know how long. There is a limit to every country in imposing Lockdown and/or Curfew to protect its economy and safeguarding the business and interests of the citizens.


I have seen on multiple occasions of public not maintaining social distancing, not wearing masks and/or gloves in the public places. During Lockdown, as it was mandatory, people were restraining from public gathering, events and entertainments. But as soon as the Lockdown was lifted, we can see that people have forgotten about the impact of Covid-19 just because they cannot control themselves.

Unless each and everyone cooperates with the governments and health authorities, we cannot get out of this situation. Let us adhere to and maintain the simple etiquettes and stay safe as well as healthy until the world is out of danger. It may be months from now but let us all work towards a safer environment.

Guidelines – Must follow

  • Wear Face Masks in the public as advised by the Health Authorities and Governments
  • Wear Hand Gloves to protect your hands while doing shopping and other outdoor works
  • Use Hand Sanitizers or Soap Solutions to sanitize and keep your hands clean as frequently as required. Use of Sanitizers can create problems to your skin. Hence use them only when necessary or when you are unable to wash your hands with soap
  • Avoid public gathering, events and entertainment as much as possible and maintain social distancing at all times
  • Wherever possible, avoid taking aged and children below 12 years in the public and shopping malls as they will suffer more than others in case of an infection
  • Avoid Swimming Pools – especially the public ones – as it is difficult to guarantee the safety at all times
  • Isolate dresses and wash separately, which you have used when you go out in the public
  • Wash vegetables and food containers wherever possible before using it
  • In case you feel symptoms of flu/cough or Covid-19, do not ignore it and be alert. Get tested immediately if required and make sure about your situation
  • Those who are in quarantine, observe the guidelines and cooperate with the health authorities for the safety of others
  • Avoid street food as much as possible. Instead have food from reliable outlets or stick to home food
  • Malls, Hotels and other public places must enforce strict means of Face Masks, Hand Gloves and Social Distancing at all times
  • Salons and Beauty Parlors must maintain sanitized environment at all times
  • All guidelines and precautionary measures advised and stipulated by the government and health authorities must be strictly followed

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

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