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Dust is useful

Dust is useful

Dust is useful.

Sounds strange right?. Yes dust is useful for us sometimes. Want to know how?. Let us see…

Generally it is believed that Dust is harmful for us. Yes that is correct. But the same dust is useful for us in some cases. To know how, we must learn what is dust and how is it formed.

All Solid substances are composed of very small particles. These particles when scattered form Dust. Fine sand particles also form dust. Stone, brick and other solid substances are broken into small pieces, the binding force between their molecules is lost and get scattered around. The smoke created while burning Charcoal, Wood and other materials is nothing but fine dust particles. Many living organisms like plants, animal matter etc. when they are dead, and mixed with air are turned into dust particles. These dust particles are carried from place to place by air or wind.

Let us see how Dust is useful for us. Dust is very important in the formation of rain. We know that the water vapour in the atmosphere or clouds condense on these dust particles and we get rain. Mist and Fog are also formed depending upon the dust particles in the atmosphere.

Even after the sunset, for one or two hours we get sunlight though not very bright. Dust particles present in the atmosphere scatter the rays of sun in different directions. Due to this, it does not get completely dark for some time after the sun set.

The beautiful red light we see during sun rise and sun set is the result of water vapour and dust particles. This is because of the fact that when the sun is below the horizon, the water vapour and dust particles reflect the red colour of light, having longer wavelength.

If the amount of dust particles in the atmosphere is high, it helps to block ultraviolet radiations.

Astronomical observations reveal “Some dense clouds of dust are close to luminous stars and scatter enough starlight to become visible. Such a cloud or dust, illuminated by starlight, is called a Reflection Nebula, since the light we see is straight reflected off the grains of dust”. ReferĀ Cosmic Dust for more details.

So, dust is not completely bad.

Read more about here. Cosmic Dust

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Dust is useful

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