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Eat Good Food for Better Health

Eat Good Food for Better Health

We all know that Food and Fitness are two important factors for Good Health and Better Living. Knowing that, many of us sometimes are not taking proper care in selecting what we eat and what we do in our life. There are occasions where we are forced to bye-pass our healthy routine but that should only be exceptions.

What we eat, how we eat and when we eat something matters very much. Similarly what we do, when we do and how we do something is also absolutely important for a healthy living. On top of good food, workout peace of mind is also of top importance for our healthy well being.

Human behaviour sometimes is strange. Many people need reminders on various things but they often get annoyed by such reminders. Even after multiple reminders, there are people who do not make it a point to attend matters timely and efficiently. This is one such article which you might have seen on different posts. Let us see some of the guidelines based on best scientific advices. These advices are on selection of food for promoting health, preventing and maintaining or losing weight.


Being fit and healthy is important for happy life.

  • Do daily workout keep active – at least 30 minutes of physical activity like exercises, jogging, yoga for five days a week is recommended
  • Control your Weight – maintain a healthy weight and BMI
  • Have a routine of three healthy meals a day – never skip Breakfast and Dinner, have a fair amount of food for Lunch
  • Have a short nap or rest after the Lunch and slow walking for about ten minutes after your Dinner
  • Manage stress – do at least seven cycles of Pranayama or Meditation for 20 minutes either early morning or before going to sleep. This helps in getting sufficient oxygen for our body as well as keeping our mind calm

Healthy Habits

Here are some healthy habits that should be followed.

  • Eat a variety of Vegetables (dark green, red and orange) – 3 or more servings a day
  • Fruits of different variety – at least one serving a day
  • Eat Whole-Grain, High-Fiber Breads and Cereals
  • Drink Fat-Free or Low-Fat Milk and have only Low-Fat Dairy products
  • Include sources of Protein like Eggs, Beans, Poultry without skin, Seafood, Unsalted Nuts, Seeds etc.
  • Reduce intake of Saturated Fats and Trans-Fat foods
  • Use Vegetable Oils
  • Sodium or Salt intake must be controlled and minimized
  • Eliminate Junk-Food or food containing Refined White Flour from your health
  • Minimize the intake of Sugar and Sugary products that are high in Calories
  • While using Alcoholic Beverages, do so in moderation
  • Reduce the Calories you consume – Keep your weight at optimum level
  • Eat smaller portions when you eat even if you have to increase the number of intake
  • Allow sufficient time for proper digestion of food – this will avoid gastric problems and acid-reflux
  • Chew food properly and eat slowly – this enables the food to be mixed with saliva and proper digestion by breaking down the food to smaller size
  • Have good sleep which in turn reduce the fatigue and mental stress
  • Stop watching television or mobile devices at least one hour before going to sleep
  • Try to have early dinner and give at least two hours before sleep which helps in proper digestion
  • Try to avoid outside food as much as possible and stick to home food

Eat Healthy Food and Keep Fit. Enjoy your life to the fullest possible being healthy and happy

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