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Eating Banana on Empty Stomach

Eating Banana on Empty Stomach

It is a much discussed topic whether eating Banana on empty stomach is good or bad. While there are two opinions on it, it is generally advisable not to take Banana on empty stomach. Why is that? Well, eating fruits is good but first and foremost, it is really difficult to find fruits grown without fertilizers (chemicals).

Why not on empty stomach

Bananas are known as super-food and satiates our hunger and is also good for digestion. Bananas have a high content of Magnesium and Potassium. Banana is Probiotic in nature and contains Pectin which helps to naturally firm bowel movement.

Our body maintains a safe level of Magnesium and Potassium in the blood. When we eat Bananas on empty stomach, it can imbalance the Magnesium and Potassium levels. But what we can possibly do to drink a glass of water, which cleans the digestive system and then eat one banana. Banana is much better when eaten along with other foods to avoid any problems.

Bananas contain lot of sugar and satisfies your morning hunger almost immediately. But when the blood glucose level drops you will feel hungry again and will be low in energy. Eating more than one banana can cause more sugar in your body than it needs.

What Ayurveda suggests

Ayurveda suggests that morning is the best time to eat fruits and evening the most inappropriate time. It is advisable to avoid citrus fruits as they are packed with fruit acids. When we eat them on empty stomach, it can cause heartburn and gastric problems.

Remember, eating Bananas in then night are also not recommended because sweet fruits provide our body with lot of energy. It can also increase the mucus formation in our body, leading to indigestion. It is suggested that eating Bananas as a part of your breakfast or after a workout session to elevate the energy levels.

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Disclaimer: This is provided only for a general information. It does not substitute a qualified medical opinion and hence consult a specialist before you make any changes in your diet.

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