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Expo 2020 in Dubai

Expo 2020 in Dubai

Today, on the 30th of September 2021, the long waiting is over for the Expo 2020 in Dubai. The grand opening ceremony of the Expo 2020 is happening today in Dubai. It will be a star-studded event, with fireworks and live-streaming in 430 locations. There will be three spectacular fireworks displays on 1st October 2021 marking the first full day of Expo 2020. This is going to be the largest global event held since the start of Covid-19 pandemic. The Expo 2020 will be from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022.

Total of 191 countries are participating in this World Expo and every participating country will have its own pavilion. This is the first time in the history of World Expo. The venue is organized into three districts “Sustainability District”, “Mobility District” and “Opportunity District”.

Sustainability District
Mobility District
Opportunity District

To know more about Expo 2020, click here. You can buy tickets online from the Expo 2020 site. Tickets for Kids and Youth (6-17 years), Senior Citizens (60+ years), Students and People of Determination are free.

You can have a glimpse of the country pavilions here

Opening Ceremony

Today in the evening, the Organizers of the Expo 2020 will be thanking the nation for its support and inviting everyone to come together to celebrate. It is going to be a momentous occasion for Dubai, the UAE and the region as a whole. It is a dream come true for all the Citizens, Residents of UAE and all those who have worked on making it a mega world-event.

Global Live-Streaming will be made available on for viewers from anywhere in the world. The Live Streaming will be available from 19:30 GST onwards on Expo TV as well. The Streaming Locations will be 240 hotels nationwide. This includes Emaar’s Rove, Armani, Address Hotels & Resorts, Vida Hotels and Resorts, Accor, Marriot, Hilton, IHG, Rotana, Jumeirah, Hyatt International and Atlantis The Palm.

The main performers on the opening ceremony will be the world-famous Andrea Bocelli, Andra Day, Ellie Goulding, Lang Lang and Angelique Kidjo. The opening ceremony will be for special guests on invitation.

Come, lets us all make this a grand event. I am feeling proud to be a resident of Dubai. Please adhere to the Covid-19 restrictions and mandatory rules and stay safe while and after enjoying this World Expo.

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