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Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness is very much dependent on Nutrition. You eat a well balanced diet, which can help in getting the calories and nutrients you need to keep you fit. In addition to a well balanced diet and timely food intake, regular exercise is also very much required for keeping fit.

Worried about your exercise performance? It is not simple as eating vegetables instead of doughnuts. You also need to eat right types of food at the right times in a day.

Breakfast – for a good start of the day

Breakfast, which is your first meal of the day is very important. Start the day with a healthy breakfast. A healthy breakfast helps you to replenish blood sugar. Blood sugar is needed by your body to power your muscles and brain. But it crucial to choose the right kind of breakfast. Instead of having a simple carbohydrate meal, have a fiber and protein-rich breakfast. This will control your hunger and provide required energy for your daily exercises.

  • Have oat meal, whole grain cereals rich in fibre, oat barn along with milk, yogurt, chopped nuts with protein
  • Use whole-grain flour instead of all-purpose flour for making pancakes or waffles
  • Choose whole-grain bread instead of white bread, pairing with egg, peanut butter etc. which are sources of protein

Vegetables and Fruits intake

Fruits and Vegetables are rich in natural fiber, vitamins, minerals and other compounds necessary for the proper functioning of your body. They also are low in calories and fat. Try to eat different types of fruits and vegetables with different colours. Make a habit to eat at least half a plate of fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Fat, Potassium and Magnesium, Vitamins and Minerals

Fat is primary fuel for aerobic exercises. Many of us have enough fat stored in our body which may be sufficient for long workouts. Try to have unsaturated fat which will help reducing the inflammation and also provide calories. You can choose between Nuts, Seeds, Avocados, Olives, Olive Oil etc.

Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium which are important nutrients for daily consumption. They provide natural sugars.

Berries, Grapes and Oranges are full of vitamins, mineral and water. They give you a quick boost of energy, helps you stay hydrated and easy with the intestines.

You can have peanut butter, yogurt etc. to add protein with fruits.

A balanced diet is key to healthy life and keeping fit. Always consult a good dietitian and your family doctor to get best out of your diet and keeping fit. Don’t blindly follow health and fitness tips suggested by others. Always seek expert opinion when it comes to food, health and fitness. Everybody is different and so is the health condition and requirements.

Keep fit, stay healthy and enjoy your life.

Picture used for illustration only – Credit: Colorado Springs Military Newspaper Group

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