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Greenhouse Gas and Climate Change

Greenhouse Gas and Climate Change

Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is the main cause for climate change. A recently published report suggests that the levels hit record high last year. UN says “the Greenhouse gases hit record high last year and have continued climbing in 2020 despite measures to halt the Covid-19 pandemic”.

Lockdowns in various countries due to Covid-19 Pandemic brought a slight, temporary dip in the Greenhouse gas levels. According to a bulletin released by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), there was a dip of about 17% globally. This is during the most intense period of lockdowns.

Effect of Greenhouse Gases

The Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere and raises the temperature. This causes rise in sea levels. The emissions must be effectively controlled and kept to an allowable limit to protect our environment.

Carbon Dioxide is the most important and long-lived greenhouse gas in the atmosphere related to human activities. It is responsible for about two-thirds of the Earth’s warming.

Methane is the second most prevalent Greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Methane gas is emitted partly from cattle and fermentation from rice paddies. It is responsible for about 16 percent of global warming.

Nitrous Oxide is the third major Greenhouse gas caused mainly by agricultural fertilizers.

Read the full report published at Phys.Org here

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