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Health Care and Carbon Emission

Health Care and Carbon Emission

I got shocked after reading an article regarding Health Care responsible for a portion of the Carbon Emissions and wondered whether it is true or not. The article is published by Scott McAlister and Alexandra Barratt on Phys.Org website under the head Earth dated 3rd August 2022.

In the article, the authors have mentioned that Health Care is responsible for 7% of National Carbon Emissions in Australia where as it is 4.4% globally. We know already that Industries, Agriculture, Transportation and many others are contributing to the Carbon Emissions globally. But the article says if Global Health Care was a country, then it would be world’s fifth largest Carbon emitter. The article also discusses about the harm that Carbon Emission from Health Care does to human health.

In the article, the authors have mentioned about how Health Care contributes towards Carbon Emissions and ways by which it can be reduced. Definitely this is an eye-opener to all of us. It require ongoing education and commitment by individual health care organizations as well as government organizations in reducing the Carbon Emissions.

Read the complete article published at Phys.Org here

Disclaimer: Information provided here is only for public awareness

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