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Healthy home made Curd

Healthy home made Curd

Curd and Laban are very good for your health and healthy, home made Curd and Laban/Buttermilk can be made very easily. Follow the simple steps and enjoy.


  1. Pure Cow’s Milk: 1 Litre (use Full-Fat Milk)
  2. Curd: 4 tbsp. (starter curd). If you are making for the first time, use Dry Red Chilies (with stalk if possible): 2nos.


Boil the milk in a vessel (stainless steel with copper bottom preferred) for about one minute stirring occasionally. Take care that the milk does not stick to the bottom of the vessel. Once boiled, remove it from the flame. Allow it to cool for about 1 hour or to a temperature that you can touch the vessel by bare hand. Add the starter Curd and mix it very well.

For first time preparation, add the Red Chilies instead of starter Curd. This step is suggested by many though I haven’t tried myself.

Keep the vessel closed and allow the mixture to solidify. It may take about three to four hours at normal room temperature (may be more). Keep the curd in the refrigerator.

To Make Fresh Laban/Buttermilk

Take about 2 to 3 spoons of Curd. Add one glass of water at room temperature to the curd. Pour this into a half litre bottle (with lid to close it properly). Shake it vigorously for about a minute. Fresh Laban/Buttermilk is ready to use. Instead of bottle, you can churn the Curd by using a Butter Churn or a Mixer. Note that you only need to dilute the Curd with water and mix it well. Butter should not be formed out of Churning, Mixing or Shaking the mixture.

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