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Indian Art and Craft – Jaipur Handicrafts

Indian Art and Craft – Jaipur Handicrafts

Jaipur is well known for its Handicrafts. Products range from Puppets, Home Decor, Jewelry and Carpets to Pottery, Kitchen Ware, Bed Sheets and Covers. Jaipur is famous for its enameled brass items.


Puppets are one of the most famous products of Jaipur, which are made of wood and dressed in the Rajasthani Apparels. They are widely used in Rajasthani Puppet Shows. They are the most inexpensive souvenirs to carry.


Innovative Jaipur Carpets are world-famous. The woolen, hand-knotted carpets resemble the Persian Carpets.

Blue Pottery

Blue Pottery, the traditional craft work of Jaipur is widely recognized. The name comes from the blue coloured die which is eye catching. They are beautifully decorated with animal and bird shapes on them. This craft form was introduced by the Mughals who came from Persia and Afghanisthan. Products are made out of quartz/porcelain clay and are fragile. Plates, Flower Vases, Soap Dishes, Bowls, Glazed Tiles are some of the items.


Meenakari Art Jewelry is famous for its vibrant colour. These jewelry can be used on casual as well as special occasions. Enamel art is its importance. Usually gold enameling is preferred as it elevates the look and also holds enamel better, compared to other metals. This was also introduced by Mughals. Silver and Gold along with vibrant colours blue, green and yellow are the base of Meenakari Art Jewelry.

Metal Craft

Jaipur Metal Craft items are popular. You can find decorative items, wall hangings, swords, shields, showpieces, jewelry boxes and many in metal which can be used as home decor.

Mojaris Juttis

Mojaris Juttis of Rajasthan originated from Jaipur. Exquisite embroidery is found on leather shoes which are important part of Rajasthani ethnic dress.

Sanganeri and Bagru Prints

Sanganeri and Bagru prints are two of the most common printing styles of Rajasthan. Cushion Covers, Suits, Sarees, Skirts, Bed Sheets and other outfits with Sanganeri and Bagru prints are a favourite of every traveler.

Sanganer block-print textiles are primarily done on an off-white/white background with wooden blocks or screen printers. Vibrant floral patterns and geometrical shapes are printed on the fabrics. Intricate detailing is the specialty of Sanganeri prints.

Natural colours are used in Bagru printing. They are done mostly on a blue or indigo background. Predominant patterns in Bagru printing are circular with floral forms of animals and birds, used to create beautiful designs.


Jaipur is one of the main Gem Cutting centres of the world. Gems of Jaipur are an important part of Jaipur handicrafts. Pink City (Jaipur) is famous for these gems with national and international travelers.

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Picture used for illustration only. Credit: Yoshihiro Kudo

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