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Indian Art and Craft – Jat-Jatin Dance

Indian Art and Craft – Jat-Jatin Dance

Jat-Jatin is one of the important Folk Dance forms of Bihar especially in the Mithila and Koshi regions.

During Monsoons, the Jat-Jatin dance is performed by couples on the moonlit nights which explains the love story of Jat and Jatin. Jat and Jatin were lovers, separated and living in difficult situations. Jat and Jatin dance is also played by women only troupe.

Though original form of Jat-Jatin dance was depicting the love story of Jat and Jatin, the modern forms showcase social themes as well. Hunger, anxiety, love, natural calamities. In some versions of Jat-Jatin, the artists wear masks to add a real picture.

It is not a complicated dance form but comprises of delicate body movements. The steps are lively and vigorous with four steps forward and four backward. The rhythm is kept to six, seven or eight beats (Dadra, Teevta and Kerwa).

Picture used for illustration only – Credit: Ramesh Lalwani

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