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Indian Art and Craft – Kathputli/Puppetry

Indian Art and Craft – Kathputli/Puppetry

Kathputli is one of the Indian Art Forms, native to Rajasthan. It is a Puppetry art form in which the performance is done by Puppets. Puppetry has its own unique styles all over the world.

Kath means Wood and Putli means Doll. Kathputli is a combination of two Rajasthani words Kath and Putli. Hence Kathputli is a doll made out of wood. It is an art tradition more than thousand years old. Kathputli has become an eternal part of Rajasthani culture, diversity and tradition.

Colourfully dressed Puppets are controlled either by hands or threads. The performance is made on specially designed stage with attractive background, illuminated lights and background music.

A Puppeteer controls the puppets with accompanying shrill voices and music. Rajasthani kings and nobles were patrons of Art and Craft and they encouraged the artists and craftsmen. It is believed that the Rajasthani tribal Bhat community first started this art form.

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