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Indian Art and Craft – Kolattam Dance

Indian Art and Craft – Kolattam Dance

Kolattam is a traditional dance form of Andhra Pradesh in India, but originated from the Mahabalipuram and Taripatri regions. Dance forms like Hampi Macherla, Ramappa and Kolattam are connected forms.

Dancers use sticks to create harmonious music with their swift and soothing movements. The dance form has cultural and religious significance and it is one of the most popular forms of Village Art. Kolattam dance is known in different names in different parts of the Indian Subcontinent. It is known as Kolannalu, Kolkolannalu, Koladi, Kolkali, Kambadi Kali in different parts.

Legend, Costume and Music

The Legends say that a Daemon, Basavasura who was uncontrollable and famous for his viciousness. One day a group of young girls went to the Asura and performed the Kolattam dance. He was very much pleased with their dance and got influenced by it. Apparently, he gave up his evil deeds.

Kolattam Dancers are known as Hallisaka. They wear bright, gorgeous costume and jewelry. The dancing style has different movements – tilting the body, footsteps and other body movements. Dancers dance in accordance with the music and starts with Ethugadu and ending with Muktayimpu in a varying speed.

Let us now watch a typical Kolattam Dance performance.

Video used for illustration only – Credit: BharyaBharta Bhakti Janardhanreddy chintalacheruvu

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