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Indian Art and Craft – Phag Dance

Indian Art and Craft – Phag Dance

Phag Dance is a popular Folk Dance form of Haryana. It is also known as Faag or Phaag dance. This folk dance is performed usually by the agricultural community in Haryana.

Phag Dance is celebrated mostly in the month of February and March – the Falgun month according to the Hindu calendar. The name of the dance thus derived from the month. Falgun month is where the farmers wait for the harvest and they find time to dance and enjoy during this time. The weather is also pleasant during the harvesting season.


Usually both men and women participate in the dance performance but occasionally it is performed by men only troupe. There is no formal costume for the Phag dance and the performers wear their daily clothing. But when the dance is performed on special occasions, colourful costumes are used by the dancers. Ghagra-Choli with Dupatta for women and colourful Pagdi for men are normally used.

Women dance with their graceful movement and men with great enthusiasm which makes the dance energetic and attractive for the viewers.


Only very basic instruments are used for the dance performance. Usually Dholi, Dholak, Nagada, Tasha etc. are used. The song used for male only performance is different from the mixed dance.

Picture used for illustration only – Credit: Auchitya

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