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Indian Art and Craft – Pichhwai Paintings

Indian Art and Craft – Pichhwai Paintings

Pichhwai is an Indian Art Form – a Painting. It originated as wall hangings behind the main deity in Krishna Temples specially in the Srinathji Temple in Nathdwara, Rajasthan.

“Pichh” means “back” and “wais” means “hanging” and hence Pichhwai means “hanging at the back”. They are mainly found in the temples following Pushtimarg Sampradaya. They focus on Krishna.

These paintings narrate stories related to Lord Krishna. The temples use different sets of images according to the calendar of festivals celebrating the deity.

Pichhwai paintings are done on cloth and paper. They are colourful and intricate works of art. They have a concealed symbolism in the artistic motifs. The artists mostly live as a community where there is constant interaction about their work and how they feel about this art form. Several skillful painters work together under the supervision of a master artist.

Picture used for illustration only – Credit: Arts of the Earth

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