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Indian Art and Craft – Veeranatyam Dance

Indian Art and Craft – Veeranatyam Dance

Veeranatyam is a dance form of Andhra Pradesh. Veera means “Brave” and Natyam means “Dance” hence the name suggests that the form is “Dance of the Brave”. It has some religious significance attached to the dance form.

Traditionally the Veeranatyam dance form was started as a ritual in the Shiva temples in honour of Lord Shiva. Veerabhadra is an extremely fierce form of Lord Shiva or Rudra and the followers of Veerabhadra are known for performing this dance form. The Veeramusti community in Andhra Pradesh used to perform Veeranatyam.

There are mainly three stages in the performance and the main percussion instrument used is the “Veeranam” or war-drum.

  • Veerabhadra Pallem – holding of a huge plate carried from palms to elbows bearing Camphor Fire
  • Dhwaja Sthambha – holding a long consecrated pole marked with Vibhuthi (sacred ash)
  • Narasam – dancing with spears and tridents pierced into the ankles hand and tongue of the performers

Let us watch a video of the dance form.

Video provided only for illustration – Credit: Ramakoti Mori

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