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Indian Art and Craft – Vilasini Natyam

Indian Art and Craft – Vilasini Natyam

Vilasini Natyam is an old Indian Classical Dance form performed by the temple dancers called Devadasis. It is a traditional dance form of Andhra Pradesh, used to perform in the temples to invoke Gods and Goddesses. Devadasis were assumed to be married to God of the temple.

There are basically two forms of this dance. One is performed by men and the other by women. Vilasini Natyam is also known as Bhogam Aata and Saani Aata. The dance form performed by men is known as Purusha Sampradayam and that by women is known as Stree Sampradayam. It is said to be one of the oldest forms of dance which many other dance forms are developed.

Vilasini Natyam is also performed in public theatres and royal courts. Since it is performed by the Devadasis, it is also known as Devadasi dance. Vilasini Natyam also useful in teaching children and adults about society and culture.

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Disclaimer: Published for information only, gathered from various sources. Video and Picture Credit: Anugraham Classical Art Community.

Watch Vilasini Natyam video by Purvadhanashree

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