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Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music – Classical Fusion

Instrumental Music – Classical Fusion

Presenting to you a Classical Fusion of Carnatic Song “Maha Ganapathim”. We have on the stage all prominent artists with their special instruments.

Mandolin is played by U. Rajesh, Violin by Late Balabhaskar, Arun Kumar on Drums, Giridhar Udupa on Ghatam and Mohini Dey on Bass Guitar. The concert was staged on the 7th day of 53rd Bengaluru Ganesh Utsava.

Balabhaskar (Balabhaskar Chandran) was a famous Violinist, Composer, Musician and promoter of Fusion Music in South India. Born in 1978, he started his professional career at an age of 12 and excelled in his profession until his death in 2018.

U. Ramesh is the younger brother of late U Srinivas or the Mandolin Srinivas who is also a great artist. He has performed on various stages with his brother as well as many other famous Indian and Foreign artists.

Arun Kumar is a Jazz Drummer who started with drumming at a very young age. He has studied Percussion in Carnatic Classical tradition and has performed with great artists.

Giridhar Udupa is an Indian Percussionist and a leading exponent of Ghatam who is a Commerce Graduate and member of Layatharanga. Layatharanga is a team of Indian Classical Musicians who ventures into blending Classical, Folk and World Music. He has also performed with many great artists, presenting his skills on Ghatam.

Mohini Dey is the daughter of Sujoy Dey a bass guitarist and part of the Coke Studio. She also plays for A.R Rahman, who started giving performances at a very early age of 11 years. She has also collaborated with many other great musicians.

Let us watch and listen to the fusion song Maha Ganapathim.

Picture and Video used for illustration only – Credit: Bengaluru Ganesha Utsava

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