Instrumental Music


Instrumental Music



The Sheng is one of the oldest Chinese Musical Instruments. It is a mouth-blown, Polyphonic Free Reed Instrument. It consists of vertical pipes. Sheng dates back to 1100 BCE and traditionally it is used as an accompaniment instrument for Solo Suona or Dizi performances. Sheng is one of the main inst...[Read More]


Carnyx is an ancient Wind Instrument of the Iron Age Celtic people, used between 200 BC and 200 AD. It is basically a bronze Trumpet with an elongated S Shape, having a mouth piece, styled in the shape of an open-mouthed boar’s or other animal head and used in warfare. It consisted of a 12 foo...[Read More]

Hammered Dulcimer

Hammered Dulcimer is a percussion, stringed Musical Instrument, traditionally played in India, Iraq, Iran, China, Korea, Southwest Asia and few other countries. It consists of strings, typically stretched over a trapezoidal sound board that resonates. The Dulcimer usually consists of two bridges ...[Read More]


Today we are going to have a look at a special musical instrument, Nyckelharpa. Not many of us would have heard of it. Nyckelharpa is a Swedish musical instrument and it is the National Instrument of Sweden. It can be called as a “Keyed Fiddle” or a “Key Harp”. Nyckelharpa is...[Read More]

Jhyamta – Musical Instrument

Jhyamta is a Nepali Musical Instrument which resembles the Cymbal. It is a traditional Musical Instrument played by the Kirat community and it is used along with Dhol. Jhyamta is used in various cultural festivals like Sakela, Chyabrung, Udhauli, Ubhauli. It is also used in social functions. Jhyamta...[Read More]