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Kadavallur Sree Rama Swami Temple

Kadavallur Sree Rama Swami Temple

Kadavallur Sree Rama Swami Temple is situated in the border village Kadavallur, the border between Thrissur and Malappuram Districts in Kerala. It is an ancient Vishnu temple worshipped as Lord Rama, incarnation of Maha Vishnu. The temple is said to have consecrated by Ghatotkacha, son of Bhimsen of the Pancha Pandavas. Though the idol is of Sree Rama, it is actually the four-armed Maha Vishnu.


The legends say that the idol was worshipped by the King Dasharatha of Ayodhya, father of Sree Rama. Later it was in possession of Sree Rama, then Vibheeshana – brother of Ravana, the Lankan king. Vibheeshana was ruling the Lanka after the defeat and death of Ravana. In the Dwapara Yuga, when Yudhishthira was performing the Rajasuya Yagna, Ghatotkacha went to Lanka. Vibheeshana did not want to fight with Ghatotkacha and accepted Yudhishthira’s supremacy. As a gift, Vibheeshana gave the idol to Ghatotkacha, who seems to have consecrated it in the Kadavallur Temple. Kadavallur got its name from “Ghatotkacha Puram”.

The temple is said to be about 5000 years old and situated almost at the centre of the Kadavallur village. It is facing the west side. The sanctum sanctorum is a two-storeyed, square construction made of Granite. The idol is about 6 feet high.

Kadavallur Anyonyam

It is in this temple, the famous Rig Veda debate held annually. Two Brahmaswam Mathas, major Rig Veda schools of Kerala – in Thrissur and Thirunavaya take part. Kadavallur Anyonyam is said to be the final examination of the Vedic Scholars. It is conducted every year during the first fortnight of the Malayalam month Vrischikam (mid November to mid December) and held for eight days.

‘Varamirikkal’ constitutes the competition. ‘Kadannirikkal’ and ‘Valia Kadannirikkal’ are the titles conferred on the winners. In the first phase of training, students learn the Rig Veda Samhitha (text) by rote. In the next phases, they practise ‘Padavibhajanam’ and ‘Prayogam’. Several methods of ‘Prayogam’ are prescribed, but the ones popular in Kerala are ‘Vaaram,’ ‘Jata’ and ‘Ratha’. When a student gains expertise in Samhita, Padachhedam, Kramam, Jata and Ratha, he competes for the title, Kadannirikkal.

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