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Largest Cosmic Explosion Detected

Largest Cosmic Explosion Detected

The astronomers have recently detected the largest Cosmic Explosion ever seen. They have named the event as AT2021lwx. It is an explosion which is more than ten times brighter than any of the recordings of the exploding star called as Supernova. The astronomers say that it lasted more than three years, which is much more than most of the Supernovae. Other similar explosions used to be visibly bright only for few months according to them.

The astronomers suggest that the blast was caused because of a vast cloud of gas was swallowed up by a black hole. A team led by Dr Philip Wiseman from the University of Southampton analysed the light from the event. The distance was calculated as 8 billion light years away. According to the team, this explosion would send shockwaves across the space. Also, the black hole could be surrounded by superheated remnants of the cloud surrounding it.

This event is still being detected by telescopes. The luminosity of the explosion is about three times brighter than the tidal disruption events when stars fall into supermassive black holes.

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