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Lifestyle, Technology Developments and Sleep

Lifestyle, Technology Developments and Sleep

Sleep disorders are closely related to our Lifestyle and recent Technology Developments. The physiological and psychological mechanisms involved in the development of sleep disorders have remained similar throughout history. We are going through a difficult and extremely volatile situation. Let us see some of the direct impacts on our sleep with the changes in our Lifestyle and Technology.

Technological Advancements

Development in Technology has resulted in 24-hour work operations with the modern society. Our exposure to varying kinds of electronic devices like television, computers, cell-phones etc. have grown up exponentially. This in turn started taking their toll on human functioning and health by deteriorating sleep quality, quantity and timing. While at work, we are glued on to the Computers and continuously staring at the Monitor. At home or during leisure time, we are engaged with Cell-Phones or other Mobile devices.

The younger generation is more influenced and addicted to the latest Smart Phones, Tablets and similar mobile devices. When parents do not have enough time to concentrate on their kids’ matters, they give such devices to the kids to keep them quiet. Kids gain knowledge from the videos they watch compared to what they get from their parents and grand parents. This can be good as well as bad for their growth. But continued exposure as well as addition is potentially dangerous to their health.

Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes also have impact on sleep quality, quantity and duration. This also contributes to excessive weight gain, insufficient physical exercise. Consumption of substances like caffine, alcohol and nicotine have grown up excessively. Poor Sleep in the night results in day-time sleepiness and impaired daytime functioning of the body.

Researches have proven that the Shift Work imposes a continuous misalignment between endogenous Circadian (24-hour) Rhythms and the environmental light/dark cycle. This in turn affects our sleep pattern, mental performance, safety and health. Travel by road/air have exponentially increased for business, leisure and other purposes. The Jet Lag is another reason for circadian rhythm disorder. Flexible Work Systems have created a change in the traditional work hours and started impacting the worker’s health.

Altered Exposure to Light

Exposure to Light plays a strong role in the Circadian Timing System. Timed exposure to bright light can create both a delay and an advance in the timing of circadian rhythms. Physiological and Behavioural measures are affected by Bright Light during the night. Night-time light exposure is found to be a risk factor for Breast and Prostate Cancer.

These are only few things to mention. You can read a detailed report in the article published by The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

Source of Information: Article on “Impact of lifestyle and technology developments on sleep” by NCBI

Read an article on the Importance of Sleep published by Verywell Health

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is only for public awareness.

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