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Liquid Window

Liquid Window

Have you heard of Liquid Window? Scientists at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore (NTU Singapore) have developed a Liquid Window Panel.

The Liquid Window Panel can simultaneously block the sun rays to regulate solar transmission and tap the thermal heat. This thermal heat can be released through day and night helping in reduction of energy consumption in buildings.


The researchers at NTU developed the “Smart Window” by placing Hydrogel based liquid within Glass Panels. They found that it can reduce up to 45% of energy consumption in buildings in simulations. This is comparing the effect with traditional glass windows. It could also be 30% more efficient than commercially available energy efficient glass. It will also be cheaper to manufacture.

“The Smart Window is the first reported instance in a scientific journal of energy-saving smart windows made using liquid.”

Read more about Liquid Windows at: Scientists develop energy-saving ‘liquid window’

Picture used for illustration only – Credit: TechXplore/NTU

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