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Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Being Healthy does not mean physical fitness only. One should be mentally and emotionally fit too. Let us look at few things that can keep us healthy mentally and physically.

You must live a healthy lifestyle to prevent you from chronic diseases and illness. At the same time you must feel good about yourselves. Do whatever required that is right for your body and mind. This includes eating healthy food, doing physical exercise, reading, entertainment with family and friends and getting good sleep. Moreover, you must be keeping away from unwanted negativities which ultimately affect your mood and personality.

Consciousness about your diet

To be healthy, the food that you eat should be fresh and healthy. Include Fruits and Vegetables in your diet. Reduce the amount of Carbohydrates, Sodium and unhealthy Fat. Try to limit having junk foods and excess sweet. Never skip meal especially breakfast. You should be contented with what you eat for your lunch and reduce the amount of food for dinner. Keep a regular timing for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try to avoid drinking water in between, while having food. Drink water before or after having food. You must burn more calories than the calories you consume.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is a must at least for 20 to 30 minutes a day. This keeps all your muscles and joints active and fit. It keeps a healthy blood circulation throughout the body. Going to Gym and doing heavy workout is not a must. Swimming, Walking, Yoga are more than enough. Doing household chores also gives a good result. Straining your body more than what it can withstand will have only adverse effects. So, do whatever you can but do it regularly. Never do Yoga or Exercises just by watching a video. At least, to start with, take advise of a professional who can correct wherever you go wrong with wrong postures or breathing procedures.

Engagement and Entertainment

Like body, your mind also need some kind of fitness. Do whatever you like – Reading books, watching movies, sports and other, listening to music, playing games or whatever you like. This keeps your mind fresh and away from negative thoughts. Try to spend quality time with your family and then friends everyday. Togetherness is a great feeling.

You must be engaged in some activity. Never allow yourself to be idle. All activities may not give you monetary benefit. Money is not the only thing in life – of course without money you are nothing. Engage in some social activities or charity works. Try to understand others’ problems and give them a helping hand in whatever ways you can. If you sit idle, your mind will tend to go towards negative aspects of your life which will affect your mood.

Good Sleep

Your body needs rest after a day’s work. An adult should get at least 6 to 8 hours of undisturbed sleep to regenerate the body for the next day’s activities. Lack of sleep can be dangerous in long run while at work or behind the wheel. Sleep early and get up early. Try to make it a routine. Eat your dinner at least two hours before sleep so that proper digestion takes place.

Positive Energy

Life is a mix of negative and positive events and happenings. Some of the events in your life pull you down. But make a habit to look at the brighter side of life. Keep your house and premises clean and help generating positive energy. Avoid unhealthy arguments and quarrel at home and in public.

Stay Healthy and Happy. God bless you.

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