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Next-generation Sustainable Batteries

Next-generation Sustainable Batteries

Researchers have developed a new technology by which the conventional Lithium Batteries could be replaced with more sustainable alternatives. The new technology could enable the transition from Lithium-Ion to Sodium-Ion Batteries, according to the team at Imperial College London.

Sara West at the Imperial College London has published an article regarding the new technology in the TechXplore website on 19th August 2021. The team of researchers prepared Carbons from Lignin. Lignin is a class of complex organic polymers that form key structural materials in the support tissues of most plants. It is a waste bye-product of the paper industry. With these Carbons the researchers improved the Energy Density, Sustainability and Safety of Sodium-Ion Batteries.

Need of replacing Lithium-Ion Batteries

Global Lithium resources are declining at a fast rate. A large Carbon footprint is created by the mining operations. The Lithium-Ion batteries are commonly used in many electrical devices. Hence there is a need of finding alternatives to the Lithium-Ion batteries.

The Sodium-Ion batteries could be a sustainable alternative. These batteries could be used in Electrical Vehicles if optimized.

Source of information: TechXplore. Read the complete article at TechXplore

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