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Origin of the game Chess

Origin of the game Chess

Chess, regarded as the game of Kings has its origin estimated to be some 5000 years ago. The word “Chess” has its origin from the Persian word “Shah” which means “King”. But unlike the name hints, the game of Chess did not start in Persia. The game of Chess was started around 6th Century in India but it was called as “Chathuranga”.

Chathuranga is the name for the traditional four army divisions. In ancient India, the Kings used to play Chathuranga or Chess just to satisfy their lust for fighting in a harmless manner. The game of Chess became a fashion of the Royal Families during the period of Moghul Emperors.

Spread of Chess

It is believed that the game was confined to India for about 2000 years before spreading to Persia, Arabia and slowly to the European countries. Now Chess is popular in all the countries of the world.

England saw the game of Chess in 1255 and the first International Chess competition was held in London in the year 1851. The International Federation of Chess Players was founded in France in the year 1924. For almost 27 years, Dr. Emanuel Laker of Germany was the World Chess Champion. World Chess competition of Chess is held every three years.

As we know, the Chess pieces include Kings, Queen, Rooks, Knights, Bishops and Pawns. The King and the Queen are two most powerful pieces on both sides. The King is the only piece that cannot be captured but only check-mated.

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