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Physical Activity and Lifestyle Factors

Physical Activity and Lifestyle Factors

The major Lifestyle Risk Factors are Sleep, Mental Wellbeing, Nutrition, Environment, Substance Use (Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking etc.) and Physical Activity. I happened to read an article about the Physical Activity and Lifestyle Factors which I found is worth sharing. Let us see how Physical Activity is connected to the lifestyle factors.


Our physical activity has a two-way effect on different lifestyle risk factors. Those who have greater physical activity tend to fall asleep faster than others having little or no physical activity. Hence physical activity has a direct connection with Sleep.

Mental Wellbeing

If we are worried too much or stressful in our life, our mental wellbeing is affected very much. This will lead us to be idle most of the time and slowly we go into a state of depression. This affects our physical activity. Some studies show that continuous watching of Television can also increase the risk of depression.


Our choice of food items can increase the insulin levels triggering fatigue and thus reducing the physical activity. Insulin sensitivity is improved by performing physical activities in a fasted state. Rather than eating whatever we like and find, one must be cautious about the nutrition factor and select appropriate food items that are beneficial for good health.

Drugs, Smoking and Consumption of Alcohol

One who is under the influence of Drugs and/or Alcohol will have less or no control over health and/or mental and physical wellbeing. Though some may claim that smoking gives them a stimulation and energy to perform better, it may not be always true. Also, excessive smoking leads to lung cancer and can be a health hazard to others.

One must be active at any age. Keep moving and keep fit and healthy.

Picture used for illustration only – Credit: DFAT

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