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Planning for a Happy Life

Planning for a Happy Life

It is a common scene in every household in the morning, with working couple. Each one is in a hurry to leave home and things are not happening the way they want. People find it very difficult to adjust the timings and complete household chores, resulting in unwanted arguments, commotion and thus creating a negativity at home.

Have you experienced such a situation? Did you try to analyze the situation and find a solution? On a long run, it is totally unhealthy and disturbing for a happy family life. The worst affected by this would be your children.

What can you do?

Planning ahead will be the best thing that you can do. You know fairly how much time it takes for different tasks in a day whether it is individual or common. You can plan common tasks for a week and execute them based on a time schedule. This can help you reduce your stress and avoid last-minute disappointment and unhealthy arguments.

We have 24 hours in a day and that is a lot, if a proper plan and time schedule is in place. Time does not wait for anyone. Time files just like that especially in the morning.

There are some mandatory things for which we have to allocate sufficient time and rest everything can fall in place if we want to. Remember, not everything you wish is possible to be achieved on a daily basis. Therefore, you may have to reduce the number of items in your wish list.

Sharing is Caring

Husband and wife must share duties and responsibilities at home. Otherwise it is impossible to manage if both are working. If possible, children also must be involved in any way they can. This will help them develop the skills they require in the future when they begin to live independently.

Planning Ahead

Here is a small suggestion. Try if this can help you to bring things under control and remove the negativity at home. I have found it very useful in my life.

  1. List the various tasks that the husband and wife do on a daily/periodic basis at home. Decide whether some tasks can be swapped to give more room for the other. Take into account all tasks whether small or big. List them on a piece of paper
  2. Make a weekly time table for the working days. On weekly off and holidays you can have a relaxed schedule
  3. During the weekend, plan for the food items that you would like to prepare on the working days (next week) and write it on a piece of paper. This will remove half of your tension thinking what to make for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Accordingly you can buy grocery, vegetables, meat/fish depending upon the items that you will be preparing
  4. Keep a book and pen/pencil in the kitchen. Record items to be purchased or replenished in the kitchen including cosmetics and toiletries. Keep this sheet with you when you go to purchase groceries and stuff like that. This way you will avoid chances of missing any important item required for your daily use
  5. Schedule deep cleaning only during the weekend. This could take a lot of your time
  6. Involve children also in certain activities – like setting the table before lunch/dinner, washing at least their own plate, glass etc. and arranging laundry items, folding cloth after wash
  7. Avoid purchasing things as and when required. Instead, keep items in stock so that you don’t have to rush or compromise. Weekly purchase is suggested
  8. Sleep is very much important for good health and hence allocate at least 6 hours for sleep during night
  9. You may spend at least 10 to 12 hours of your day outside the house for work related activities and travel. Plan your tasks accordingly
  10. You must include some time at least once in a week, for the family to sit together and discuss. Make sure to keep the Mobile Phones/Devices away from you until you finish talking. Face to face interaction is very important
  11. Have dinner at least 2 hours before going to bed. This will help in proper digestion, avoid gastric problems and bring you sound sleep. For some, it may be difficult to get sleep if the stomach is full
  12. Make it a practice to go to bed at least by 10pm and get up as early as 4am. The time between 4 and 6 in the morning is best suited for doing some exercises, yoga and meditation. This will keep the body fit and mind relaxed

You may feel that it is difficult to have the above in place. But give it a try as we all need to sacrifice something or the other for a better life. Quality time with children is very much important at least when they are young and need your attention and guidance. You can do this only when you are physically and mentally free. With husband and wife sharing the duties and responsiblities at home, you get double time.


  • Everybody may not spend 12 hours for work and related activities (including travel) and hence they may get some extra hours for other activities. If you have to leave home at 7am, make sure that you are ready at least five minutes before – say at 6:55am. Leave home in peace and tension-free
  • It may not be possible to cook food in the morning if you have to leave home at 7. Hence cooking will have to be done the previous night. Try to cut vegetables or arrange things for the next day before you go to sleep
  • You may not have breakfast at home if you leave early. Instead, you may pack it or have breakfast from outside (not a healthy practice daily). Also, many of you would prefer to have home food and hence lunch may be packed and taken with you
  • You may also cook two or three items during the weekend and keep it in the fridge You can consume these over the weekend on alternate days
  • Once you are back home in the evening, you must take rest at least an hour – have a coffee/tea with some snacks (if possible). Only then, start your cooking and cleaning activities

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