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Radio Frequency Imaging

Radio Frequency Imaging

Radio Frequency Imaging, an ability to see through occluded objects can be beneficial in many applications. These include Search and Rescue, Surveillance and Security, Archaeological Discovery and Medical Applications.

Researches are going on in using Electromagnetic Waves for Sensing for many years. Recently, sensing with lower frequencies like Radio Waves, Wi-Fi etc. are also being used as they are more safe and easily available. Contexts like Imaging, Localization, Tracking and Occupancy Estimation are more suitable to employ RF Signals to sense and obtain information about the environment.

Radio-Wave Imaging in Medical Diagnostics

In Medical Diagnostics, Sensing and Imaging using the Electromagnetic Waves in the Radio Frequency (RF) range is emerging as new technology. Radio Wave Radiations in the range 300 MHz to 300 GHz are non-ionizing and safe in using Medical Applications. Radio Frequency Imaging in Medical Diagnostics Technologies has a competitive advantage over other technologies due to

  • Driven by Wireless Communication
  • Improvements in Radio-Wave Technology
  • Reduced cost and size of Hardware and Components

The differences in the Dielectric Properties of Tissues related to Physiological Factors like Water Content and Temperature are being used by the Radio-Wave Imaging. Developments are going on in producing affordable and compact devices for RF Imaging. This include early screening of Breast Cancer and detection and monitoring of Stroke etc.

The MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) body scanners used in Hospitals generally operate at a frequency of 400 MHz which is corresponding to the wavelength of the Radio Frequency.

RF Imaging in Geophysical Applications

Geophysical Applications such as Exploration, Mining, Underground Process Monitoring etc. has great potential in using RF Imaging. X-ray Constructive Imaging (Tomography) is widely used in various applications ranging from Microscopy to Astrophysics. RF Imaging also has the same potential which is yet to be materialized.

Source of Information: Information gathered from various sources.

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