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Ransomware Attacks – Systems Security

Ransomware Attacks – Systems Security

Once again many organizations have been hit badly by Ransomware Attacks, paralyzing their Computer Networks. Ransomware is a malicious software or called as Malware. The Malwares either block access to data on one’s computer system, server. It also threatens the users to pay a ransom fee so that their data is not published publicly or blocked for access.

The Ransomware encrypts the data or the hard disc in such a way that users will not be able to run their computers and access data stored on them. Ransomware started around 1989 with the “AIDS Virus” demanding payment to release the block or get rid of the virus.

Ransomware is the creation of some Cybercriminals who do not differentiate between business, consumer or an individual. The growth of Cryptocurrencies saw an increase in the Ransomware attacks. Some of the Ransomwares are like “WannaCry”, “CryptoLocker”, “NotPetya”, “Bad Rabbit” etc.

The two most common attacks are as Encryptors and Screen Lockers. Encryptors encrypt the data on the system. It is impossible to get rid of it without having a decryption key. The Screen Lock malware freezes the computer screen. The attackers usually notifies the victims either to purchase a cryptocurrency or to pay a ransom fee. Upon paying the ransom fee, a Decryption key is provided to the victims. But not all decryption keys are guaranteed.

Read a recent report published by TechXplore on the Ransomware Attack here

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