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Saleh Al Ameri – Analog Astronaut

Saleh Al Ameri – Analog Astronaut

The United Arab Emirates, its citizens and residents are proud of UAE’s Saleh Al Ameri an Analog Astronaut, who has left the Isolation Facility on 3rd July 2022. He, along with three Russian and two American Crew members of Sirius-21 left the Isolation Facility at Moscow’s Institute of Biomedical Problems on 3rd July. They completed an eight month’s mission, studying the effects of spaceflight on human Physiology and Psychology. Hearty congratulations to the country and Saleh Al Ameri on this great achievement.

An Analog Astronaut is an individual, playing the role of an Astronaut during a Simulated Crewed Mission. An Analog Mission is a research method that is focussed on investigating one or more aspects of a Crewed Space Mission. They use an Earthly Real-Life situations as an analogue to an Off-World Scenario.


Sirius (Scientific International Research In Unique Terrestrial Station) is a series of joint isolation experiments for the duration of four, eight and twelve months within five years. It is being carried out by Russia’s Institute of Biomedical Problems and the NASA Human Research Program.

During the eight month’s mission, the crew completed around 70 scientific experiments. The discoveries they made will significantly impact the advancement of space exploration for the benefit of humanity. They have captured data on how astronauts can cope physically and mentally with long-term isolation, which is required for long-term space travel.

UAE and Space Exploration

UAE is a key player in the field of Space Exploration with all the support and commitments from the rulers. Recently, UAE has made successive achievements in the field of Space Exploration. This will strengthen the country’s position in the global Space Community as a leader among other nations.

UAE sent the “Hope Probe” to Mars two years ago. It is the first Arab Interplanetary Space Mission, which is now conducting a complete scientific study of the Martian Atmosphere. The country is working on the “Rashid Rover”, the world’s smallest Lunar Rover named after the late Shaikh Rashid Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the founding father of modern Dubai.

Read the complete news about UAE’s Saleh Al Ameri’s achievements as an Analog Astronaut here

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