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Self Help To Relieve Stress

Self Help To Relieve Stress

Can we do something ourselves to help us from getting relieved of the stress? In our previous articles about Stress, we have seen many aspects why we get into a Stress situation and what all are its effects. Now how to get us relieved off the Stress? It is said that Self Help is the first step towards it.

If you have identified the root cause of your stress, then you can relieve current problems and also prevent the recurrence. There are three things that you can do yourselves.

  • Change the way you think
  • Changing your behaviour
  • Change your lifestyle

Change the way you think

Try to change the way you look at things so that you feel better about them. This is a technique known as Reframing and one of the most powerful stress reducers. There may be more than one way to look at things and interpret or do it. For example, look at a glass half-filled with water. You can say that the glass is half-full, or it is half-empty. Of course, both are right interpretations. But saying that it is half-full is a way of Positive Thinking whereas the other one fells negative.

Assume that you fell down on your back slipping from a height and you have severe back pain. You feel very much negative as to why and how you fell down and may be worried. At the same time, though you have pain on your back, feeling great that your head did not hit anywhere and cause serious injury to you will bring some positivity in you.

When you are under stress, try to avoid negative thoughts as it can lead us to negative assumptions and suggestions. Instead try to Think Positive and be happy about something. Focus on your strength, learn from the current stress, look for opportunities and take a positive approach.

Changing your behaviour

Many a times, your behaviour can lead to stressful situations. In such situations, try to change how you behave. Be assertive, get organized and record your emotions. You try to be humorous, divert and distract your thoughts. These small changes can bring control on your stress.

Change your lifestyle

Your stress can be due to an improper and unhealthy lifestyle. Eating heavy and junk, sleeping at odd times, doing no exercise, consumption of alcohol, smoking all can contribute to your stress. Eating fatty foods which upsets your digestion and stomach, consumption of too much of sugary items, caffeinated drinks, and excessive salt can increase your stress level. Eat healthy and balanced food, get sufficient sleep, do daily exercise for at least 30 minutes and keep away from alcohol and smoking. Control your sugar and salt intake. Include vitamins, minerals and fibre in the food that you eat. Drink plenty of water. Meditation is the best way to reduce stress. Start with a 10-minute meditation daily and increase it gradually up to 30 minutes. You can do it at anytime and anywhere – only a calm and peaceful atmosphere is required.

Reduce Stress, live Stress-Free and Healthy

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