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Smart Clothes – The technology of tomorrow

Smart Clothes – The technology of tomorrow

Smart Clothes are going to be the technology of tomorrow. We have seen Smart Phones, Smart TVs, Smart Fridges, Smart Air Conditioners and Wearables. Smart Cloth is something that you are going to witness very soon.

There is a report that “Future washable Smart Clothes powered by Wi-Fi will monitor your health” as published on Phys.Org on 9th June 2021.

According to the report, Engineers at Purdue University have developed a method which will transform existing cloth items into battery-free wearables. These items will be resistant to Laundry as well. Powering these wearables will be through wireless technology and a flexible silk-based coil sewn on the textile.

What is a Smart Cloth

The Smart Cloth can seamlessly communicate with your Phone, Computer and other Smart Devices. They could make you more productive and can monitor your health status. They will be able to call for help in case of any emergency.

The Engineers at Purdue have developed a new Spray/Sewing method to transform any conventional cloth to Smart Cloth. They can be cleaned in a washing machine. The spray-coating of highly hydrophobic molecules render them repellent to water, oil and mud.

Ramses Martinez, Assistant Professor at Purdue says that these smart clothes are almost impossible to stain. They can be used underwater and washed in conventional washing machines without any damages, he added.

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