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SoundBeaming – New Trend in Audio Technology

SoundBeaming – New Trend in Audio Technology

SoundBeaming is a technology under development using which one can listen to audio without using conventional speakers or headphones. Yes, you read it right – listen privately, without speakers and headphones.

Noveto Systems, an Israeli start-up has come up with a new, futuristic technology with the help of a desktop device. This device can beam the sound directly into the ears of a listener without the need of headphones, earphones or speakers.

With SoundBeaming, you can hear audio from different sources privately without disturbing others. The sound is beamed directly outside the ears. Due to this the listening becomes much more sensory and natural. You will experience spatial 3D sound without any additional setup.


SoundBeaming works on Ultrasonic Waves and Beamforming which places sound just outside the ears. Noveto have developed proprietary DSP Algorithms. With this they push the sound waves into the air via a custom-designed transducer array.

A 3D Sending module within the hardware locates and tracks the position of the ears in Realtime. Sound waves are converged into small pockets of sound just outside the ears. This becomes the normal audible waves and you can hear it privately.

If you move your head in any direction, the sound pockets will follow the motion. The Spatial 3D capability makes it possible to experience sound placed anywhere. This is regardless of the head movement.


SoundBeaming can be useful in the following scenarios.

  • Video Conferencing
  • Home Entertainment
  • Automotive Navigation Systems
  • Fitness

Read More at Noveto

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