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Springs – How are they formed?

Springs – How are they formed?

A Spring is a stream of water bursting out from an opening in the earth. It is like a fountain and generally erupts out of rocks. There are hot and cold Springs, mostly of cold in nature.

How are Springs formed

Earth absorbs a part of rain water and the remaining gets evaporated. There are several holes and cracks in the surface of earth. This water is absorbed by earth due to its gravitational force of attraction. It may be blocked by rocks from going down further and gets accumulated there. When this accumulated water finds an opening to come out, it bursts in the form of a Spring.

Types of Rocks

Generally rocks are of two types – Permeable and Impermeable.

Some rocks have pores in them, which are empty spaces. If these pores are linked, then fluid, like water, can flow through the rock. Permeable rocks are those, through which water or a fluid can flow.

Some other rocks have pores in them, which are empty spaces but not linked. Then no fluid or water, can flow through the rock. These rocks are called Impermeable Rocks.

Springs are often found in low lying areas where Permeable Rocks lie above the Impermeable Rocks.

Sulphur Springs

Some sections of earth contain Sulphur and Lime. Water sometimes pass through these sections allowing Sulphur and Lime to get dissolved in it. When this water comes out as a Spring which contains Sulphur, it is known as a Sulphur Springs. It will have the smell of Sulphur. There are many such Sulphur Springs in India at Kashmir, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

Hot Springs

Going deep down the earth’s interior, water reaching there gets boiled due to the earth’s heat. This water when comes out of a Spring, is hot and the such Springs are known as Hot Springs. USA and New Zealand have many Hot Springs.

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