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Stress – Positive and Negative

Stress – Positive and Negative

Stress can be Positive and Negative. We saw in our last article the different types of Stressors. These Stressors can cause good and bad impact on our health depending upon the type of Stressor. Let us see how.

Positive Stress

We saw that Stress due to some reasons can be good to our health, like doing some exercise. Stress is essential in triggering motivation and awareness. This provides us with the stimulaion needed to cope up with challenging situations. Tension and arousal are necessary for the enjoyment of many aspects of life.

Watching an interesting game or an event creates some sort of Stress in us but the enjoyment is not complete without the Stress. When we cross a busy road or drive a vehicle in challenging conditions, we get stressed due to the urgency and alertness in handling the situation. If we are over-relaxed in such situations, it could be fatal to us.

Negative Stress

The Stress built up due to anger, frustration, fear and depression if left unresolved can bring negative effect on our health. Any excessive, prolonged and unresolved Stress can harm our Mental, Physical and Spiritual health. Almost 70 to 80% of doctor visits can be tracked due to Stress related anxiety in the modern life. There are many situations in our daily life, which we find difficult to manage.

Stress leads to both minor and major types of diseases. Everyone is different and therefore there is no single level of stress that is optimal for people. Perception and reactions to different events can be different from person to person. What is stressful to one person can be an enjoyment to someone else. Most of the Stress that we experience is self-generated and therefore we must ourselves find a way to overcome the Stress. Carefully analyze the situation and take corrective steps to avoid Negative Stress.

Stay Healthy, Stress-Free.

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