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Stress – The Causes Of Stress

Stress – The Causes Of Stress

There are a number of things that cause unwanted Stress in our daily life. It is quite easy to get stressed for no reason and spoil our entire day. Some are created by ourselves and some due to external forces. We looked at various aspects of Stress in our earlier articles and today, let us look into some of the major causes of Stress.

Environmental Causes

It has been noticed that the Urban Decay and Deprivation are major source of distress for a large section of population. Pollution, Crowding, Noise, improper and inadequate Housing facilities, Crime, Violence and Poverty are some of the causes which affect our environment.

Lighting is another factor which can contribute to Stress in our daily life. Proper Lighting at home or workplace are extremely important for a safe and smooth living and work. Natural Light is very much important in our life just like the Air that we breathe. It can regulate the Hormone Melatonin that influences Sleep, Mood and Reproductive Cycle. Deprival of Daylight can induce accumulation of Melatonin which results in Lethargy and Depression.

We all like Colours and they have significant influence on our mood and perception. Colours have physical and Psychological influence on our daily life. Some researches have shown that our Blood Pressure and Brain-Wave patterns vary according to which colours we are exposed to.

Life Events

Various things that happen in our life and their pace affect our emotions and well-being. Some make us extremely happy while others will be sad and extremely difficult for us to accept.

There are many to list that contribute to mild to extreme Stress levels in our life. Death of Spouse/Near and dear, Marital Status changes, Personal Injury, Critical Illness, Changes at Workplace, Ups and Downs in the Business are some of them to list.

It is extremely difficult to keep calm on many occasions but we must find some way to keep ourselves healthy and enjoy a good life. Once you get into a stressful life pattern, you can find your health deteriorating very fast. You will end up with all sorts of Critical Illness such as Hypertension, Blood Sugar, Hypo/Hyper Thyroidism, Heart Diseases, Joint Pain and what not?.

Stay Healthy, Stay Stress-Free and Live Happily.

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