Instrumental Music – Jugalbandi – Veena and Tabla

Here is a beautiful Jugalbandi (Veena and Tabla) by Smt. Jayanthi Kumaresh and Ustad Zakir Hussain. Smt. Jayanthi Kumaresh is an Indian Veena Artist comes from a lineage of musicians who have been practicing Carnatic Music for six generations. She started playing Saraswathi Veena at the age of three. Enjoy this excellent Jugalbandi. Video provided only for illustration – Credit: Twaangmusic 00

Instrumental Music – Panchakshari

Instrumental Music – Panchakshari This is the Sthree Thaal Tharang performance at the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, titled as Panchakshari, a five musical instruments ensemble. The lead artist is Smt. Sukanya Ramgopal. She is the first woman to play Ghatam and India’s best-known percussionists today. We have Ghatam, Veena, Violin, Morsing, Mridangam on the stage, all played by female artists. Let us watch the video. Video used for illustration only – Credit: Sukanya Ramgopal 00

Instrumental Music – Veena Chitti Babu

Sri Chitti Babu was a Veena Maestro and known popularly as Veena Chitti Babu. He was born on 13th October 1936 in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh. Chitti Babu was his nickname at home and his first name was Hanumanlu but latter changed to Chitti Babu. He started playing Veena at the age of 5 and gave his first performance at 12. Chitti Babu had received a number of awards and accolades from major cultural organizations in India and abroad. He died due to a massive cardiac arrest on the 9th of February 1996 in Chennai. Let us now listen to one of his wonderful Veena recitals. The famous “Nagumomu Ganaleni” in the Abheri Raga, Adi Tala composed by Sri Thyagaraja Swami. Video used for illustration only – Credit: Carnatic Ecstasy 00

Instrumental Music – Sitar Concert

When we think of Sitar, the first and foremost name that comes to our mind is Pandit Ravi Shankar and here is a live concert by Ravi Shankar and Anoushka Shankar. Pandit Ravi Shankar does not need any introduction who was an Indian Sitar vidwan and also a composer. He was born in April 1920 and died in December 2012 and became the world’s best-known North Indian Classical music exponent. Pandit Ravi Shankar was born to a Bengali Brahmin family – original name Robindro Shaunkor Chowdhury in Bengali. He was active in a dance group of his brother Uday Shankar as a dancer during his youth. He started learning Sitar under the court musician Allauddin Khan in 1938, giving up dancing. After his studies, he worked as composer and was Music Director of All India Radio (AIR) in New Delhi...

Instrumental Music – Veena Concert

One of my favourite musical instruments, Veena – my mother used to play it. Close your eyes and listen to the songs on Veena, you can feel its divinity. I am presenting to you one of India’s famous Veena artist Dr. Jayanthi Kumaresh and her live Veena Concert today. Dr. Jayanthi belongs to the lineage of Carnatic musicians for six generations. She started playing the Saraswathi Veena at the age of three. Her first teacher was her mother, Smt. Lalgudi Rajalakshmi. She underwent further training from Smt. Padmavathy Ananthagopalan, her maternal aunt. Dr. Jayanthi is the niece of the legendary Violinist Sri. Lalgudi Jayaraman. Dr.Jayanthi is married to Vidwan Kumaresh Rajagopalan a famous violinist and the younger of the Ganesh-Kumaresh Violinist duo. Collaborations and Initiative...


Veena is another Plucked String Instrument belonging to the Chordophone family of musical instruments. The origin of Veena is from the Indian Subcontinent. There are different types of Veenas like Rudra Veena, Saraswathi Veena, Vichitra Veena, Gupta Veena, Kinnari Veena etc. The South Indian Veena design is a Lute. Lute is a Plucked String Instrument, which has a long Neck and having Frets. It has a rounded body with a flat front and a halved egg shape. Veena is used in South Indian Classical Music as main instrument as well as accompaniment. The North Indian Veena design which is used in Hindustani Classical Music, is a Stick Zither. The word Zither is derived from the Greek Word “Cithara” and Zither is basically a stringed instrument. Stick Zither has only one flexed end and ...