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Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Cyclones – Basics

Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Cyclones – Basics

Every year we are witnessing Tornadoes, Hurricanes or Cyclones in different parts of the world. But do you know what are these and how they are formed? Let us see.


When Winds blows, it moves with great speed and creates a disturbance in the Atmosphere. This is known as Storm. In summer, the rise in the Atmospheric Temperature causes Storm.

When Air gets heated, it expands. This creates a fall in the Atmospheric Pressure in the affected area. This is balanced by Air moving from other areas at higher pressure which are at lower temperature. Such movement often carries a large amount of dust particles. This is called a Dust Storm.

Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Cyclones are dangerous form of Storm. The wind makes a whirling motion along with them.


When Temperature of a small area rises to a high degree, the Atmospheric Pressure of that area drops and a vacuum is created. Air from surrounding areas rushes in to fill this vacuum. The moving Air will be at high velocity. Due to this the motion of Air or Wind creates a whirling effect.

Hot Air goes up very fast. It forms a funnel shaped cloud. This is called a Tornado. Since the pressure inside the Tornado is very less, any object coming near to it gets sucked in. The velocity of wind can go up to 200 kms/hour for in case of a Tornado.


Hurricane is also a whirling storm. It advances with a very fast whirling motion. It is also called as Typhoon in eastern parts of India and in the areas adjoining Chinese Sea. Hurricanes generally are found in Tropical Areas. Hurricanes engulf areas within a radius of 80 to 320 kilometers.

The wind speed can go up to 12 to 200 kms/hour. The central portion of a Hurricane which extends from 5 to 15 kilometers will be completely calm. This portion is called the “The Eye of the Hurricane”. Air becomes standstill when the Eye reaches a particular area giving an impression that the Hurricane is over. But as soon as the Eye moves from the area a strong gust of wind follows.


Cyclones are formed due to the rush of Air towards low pressure areas. They are very dangerous forms of Storm. It can create a devastating effect on the areas resulting in large scale destruction.

Meteorological Departments in various countries watch and gives out warnings about changes in weather conditions. Follow the guidelines and instructions to keep you and your valuables safe during these adverse climatic conditions.

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