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Vitamin D and Joint Pain

Vitamin D and Joint Pain

Vitamin D is a vital nutrient for bone and health and it has a direct connection with Joint Pain. May be you all know about this already but I was not aware of it.

My Case

I am having joint pain for many years and used to take yearly Ayurvedic Treatment for almost 18 years. My pain was mainly on the Lumbar (L) and Thoracic (T) column joints. Last year I could not undergo the ayurvedic treatment as I was not able to travel due to the Covid restrictions. Due to that, the pain started aggravating. About four months or so, I am having severe pain on my right ring finger as well as left index finger joints.

I am one who is having Hyper Tension, Hypo Thyroid and Blood Sugar. Thank God, my Cholesterol levels, other vitals and Urine Tests are all normal. Except for the Hyper Tension, I was not taking any medicines but controlling my lifestyle and food habits. I could keep others in control but all of a sudden, I saw a drastic change in the levels.

Then I came to India in April this year and did a complete test. Blood Glucose level as well as TSH were very much above the tolerance level and started medication. After taking the medicines for a month, my TSH and Blood Sugar levels are well under control now.

The doctor prescribed me Vitamin D3 capsule and advised to take it for a period. Just taking the first dose of the capsule, I felt a big difference in the joint pain on my fingers, the same day. I thought it may be some coincidence. But upon taking the second dose of it after a week (it is weekly one capsule), I felt the same relief what I had the previous week.

My Reaction

This prompted me to google for connection between Vitamin D3 and Joint Pain. To my surprise, the very first article I saw explained to me the symptoms and conditions that I am having. Thought of sharing this because there may be many like me who would not have realized the connection between Vitamin D and Joint Pain.

After taking two capsules of Vitamin D3, there is a big difference in the pain I was having. I am now able to bend my finger joints much easily though it still pains. I came to know from the article that there were many studies done on the topic. The studies show that low levels of Vitamin D can cause increased joint and muscle pain.

Importance of Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of Calcium in our body. Calcium is very much essential for the bones. A low Vitamin D level causes the bones to soften and become weak. This is called as Osteomalacia in adults and Rickets in children. Osteoporosis is a condition which weakens the bones and Vitamin D can help prevent this. The article I read says that Vitamin D deficiency can affect our immune system. Vitamin D can help managing autoimmune conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Type 1 Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Read the article which I came across here.

Another article of interest is here

Never attempt to start medication on your own. Always consult with your doctor and take his advise or you could end up in difficult situations.

Keep Healthy, Stay Safe and Enjoy Life.

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