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Walking for Lowering Blood Sugar

Walking for Lowering Blood Sugar

Are you Diabetic and not doing any regular exercise? Whether you are 95 or 45, it is never too late to start regular exercises. It will make you feel good to move. It also helps you in lowering your Blood Sugar and keep Diabetes under control. You must be already aware of this.

Walking is always best

Depending upon your physical conditions – I mean your back and joint pains you can start walking daily for at least 20 minutes. I would prefer to walk outdoor in a clean and noise-free area having less carbon emission from the vehicles. For this reason, early morning will be an ideal time if you are an early riser. Walking also helps in keeping your joints flexible.

If you have problems walking, you can opt for some other mild exercises like yoga which helps you getting benefit for both mind and body. When we do moderate exercises like walking our heart beats little faster. We also breathe a little harder. The muscles in our body use more Glucose in the blood stream. Over a period of time, it helps in reducing the blood sugar levels. Doing so, the Insulin in our body also works better.

If you do strenuous exercises sometimes can increase blood sugar levels temporarily once you stop doing exercises. Very intense exercises can also cause the body to make more stress hormones. This can lead to an increase in blood sugar.

Prepare for a walk

The best time for walk as I mentioned is in the early morning or you can do it after dinner. Walking after a meal helps in proper digestion also. Find the best time depending upon your daily work schedule. Wear a well-fitting, comfortable shoes and socks. Make sure the socks don’t rub. Selecting the right footwear can prevent blisters which later may become serious infections for people with diabetes. If your blood sugar levels fall below 100 before walking or a workout then you may need to eat a snack before doing the exercise. Consult your doctor always.

You can carry a snack, biscuit or glucose tablets to consume if feel that your blood sugar level has gone low. It is advisable to drink plenty of water before and after a workout. Start with a ten minutes walk and gradually increase the time. A walk for 30 minutes can give better results.

Disclaimer: Information provided here is only for public awareness. Always consult your doctor before starting with any new exercises or changes in diet.

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