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Wearing Masks after getting Covid-19 Vaccine

Wearing Masks after getting Covid-19 Vaccine

Now that the Covid-19 vaccine has been released by many countries, people wonder whether they can stop wearing masks after getting vaccinated.

Can I stop wearing masks after getting vaccinated?. No. You still have to wear masks even if you have got vaccinated for Covid-19. Social distancing and other preventive measures are to be mandatorily followed. The reason for this is that the first Corona Virus Vaccines require two shots. Pfizer’s second dose has to be given three weeks after the first shot and Moderna’s after four weeks. The effect of vaccines are normally not immediate.

After getting the first shot, people are expected to get a basic level of protection. The full protection is expected only after the second shot. It is yet to know whether these vaccines give complete protection or only protection from the symptoms.

Deborah Fuller, a vaccine expert at the University of Washington says “Vaccinated people might still be able to get infected and pass the virus on, although it would likely be at a much lower rate”.

Source of information: AP News – Viral Questions

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