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What causes baldness?

What causes baldness?

Baldness is considered as sign of the arrival of old age, sign of richness and like. But what is the root cause of baldness in people?

Type and Cause

Baldness is categorized into two types – Permanent and Temporary. Baldness is medically called as Alopecia. Three main factors contributing to permanent baldness are Age, Heredity and Male Sex Hormone (Androgens) Production.

Skin diseases, injuries, lack of hair growth and development, severe damage to hair growth centres by chemical and physical agents are also reasons. Disease on the scalp is another important reason for baldness.

Temporary baldness can be due to high fever, typhoid, pneumonia, influenza etc. Due to weakness in the body, hair starts falling off. Nutritive Diets and Medicines can cure temporary baldness. X-Rays, Radiation Treatments, Ingestion of Drugs, Malnutrition etc. can also cause temporary baldness.

Prevention and Care

Baldness can be controlled by proper hair care to certain extent. Balanced diet can also help in preventing undesired hair loss. As such no medication or therapy has been established to cure baldness completely. Usage of Ayurvedic or Herbal hair oils have found to be effective in controlling hair fall. Lack of sleep and life-pressure are also found to be contributing factors to baldness.

Live Happy live Healthy.

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