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Why Are Shlokas Beneficial for Kids?

Why Are Shlokas Beneficial for Kids?

In the olden days children used to chant Shlokas and Mantras either in the morning or in the evening. But unfortunately this habit is not found with the new age children. It was either mothers or grand mothers who used to teach children on how to chant a shloka and also why and what they must chant daily.

As more and more people started working for their living, it is very rare that we find this practice being continued. Mothers did not get it from their mothers or grand mothers and hence they are not in a position to spread it to their children. Or otherwise they don’t have enough time to spend with the children.

There are many benefits and positive effects in chanting slokas or mantras. At one time it was not possible to explain all these scientifically and therefore it was done as a religious practice. But now, scientific experiments have proved the benefits.

Shlokas and Mantras

Shlokas and Mantras are normally in praise of God or Goddess. But there is a basic difference. Shlokas are mainly for daily and casual use. Mantras are chanted for specific purpose. While shlokas as mild, the mantras are extremely powerful. Therefore, chanting a mantra should be done with more care compared to chanting a shloka. Both should be done with the guidance of a Guru or a Teacher who can explain the meaning and benefits as well as bad effects (if chanted wrongly). Let us see some of the benefits of chanting shlokas.

Benefits of chanting Shlokas and Mantras

  1. Chanting Shlokas and Mantras positively affect the cognitive functioning of the brain
  2. Improves Memory and Concentration power
  3. Relieves Stress
  4. Maintaining a healthy Respiratory System
  5. Improving Immunity power
  6. Alignment of Chakras in the body
  7. Controlling and boosting the Blood Circulation

We are starting with new series of videos to teach children on chanting simple shlokas explaining their meaning. Please visit the YouTube Channel Atyutka Devotional, Subscribe to the channel and hit the Bell Icon to enable notification. We will start with the first video in this series by next week.

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