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Why do we get fever?

Why do we get fever?

Fever is a condition in which the body temperature rises above the normal level of 37 degree Celsius (98.6 degree Fahrenheit). But it can sometimes vary between 36.1 and 37.2 degree Celsius (97 to 99F).

A temperature over 38 degree Celsius (100.4F) often means that you have a fever. Fever is a common symptom of some disease. But why do we get fever? Chemical reactions are taking place within our body. The heat energy produced by these chemical reactions is controlled by brain and skin. Fever is a symptom of serious infection in our body.


As long as we do not have any specific disease or malfunction in our body, the normal temperature of is maintained. Germs, Bacteria, Virus can attack our body through wounds, air we breathe and through other means. We the body is attacked, Pyrogens are produced in Body Cells. The Control Centre gets affected by this and that in turn create a rise in the body temperature. This rise in body temperature is called fever. The very first signs of fever as we know, are chillness, loss of appetite and feeling weak.


Fever is a body mechanism which helps us in destroying the germs of diseases. It is a reaction initiated by the body and some of the body organs start working fast. Some physiological processes get accelerated by this. The rate of production of Hormones, Enzymes and Blood Cells increase considerably.

These Hormones, Enzymes and Blood Cells start fighting the germs that cause the fever. When we have fever, our respiration and blood circulation becomes faster. This helps our body in getting rid of the poisonous germs and viruses present in the body.

During Fever, the internal organs become hot and a deficiency of water is created. Due to this contraction of capillaries of blood and urinary tracts happens. Protein accumulated in the body gets depleted. Brain function gets disrupted due to the high temperature. Signs of fever should not be ignored.

Whenever you feel feverish, seek immediate medical assistance. Some types of fever are easily cured by taking simple Paracetamol tablets. But it is not the case with all fevers. Hence be careful and stay healthy.

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