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Why some people have Squint?

Why some people have Squint?

Squint is a physical abnormality in the eyes where both eyes do not point in the same direction. It is a disorder of the eye in which the alignment of the two Ocular Axes is not parallel. Squint is also known as Strabismus or Heterotropia.

Inward Squint (one eye directed towards the other), Upward Squint or Downward Squint are normally found. If the deviation remains constant no matter in which direction the gaze is directed, it is called as a Comitant Squint. If the degree of misalignment varies with the direction of the gaze, it is called as Noncomitant Squint.

Why Squint?

In children, long-sightedness usually causes Inward Squint and short-sightedness causes Upward Squint. Squint is usually the result of some abnormality in the Nervous Controls. If one or more of the Muscles are paralyzed, a Noncomitant Squint happens. Acquired Squints are usually due to Nerve or Muscle disease and may cause Double Vision. The Movement of the Eye Balls depends upon the action of Six Muscles. Four of them are straight and two are slanting. If any of these muscles develop some defect, the eye can develop Squint.

With Squint eyed people, it is often difficult to judge in which direction they look. It is possible now to get Squint treated but it should be at an early stage, by wearing special glasses. Orthoptic Exercises are also used to correct Squint.

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