Udu Drum

Udu is a Vessel shaped musical instrument belonging to the Aerophone family. It is an instrument used by the Igbo people of Nigeria. It is basically a water Jug with a hole on its belly. Udu used to be played by the Igbo women for ceremonial uses. Udu is made of clay and played by hand. A bass sound can be produced by hitting the big hole while playing the instrument. By controlling the position of the hand on the upper hole of the instrument, the pitch can be changed. Udu is nowadays used as a percussion instrument in different music styles. Here is a small video on how to play the Udu instrument. Enjoy!! Video provided only for illustration – Credit: World Drum Club 00


Trumpet is commonly used in classic and jazz ensemble, which is a brass wind instrument of the Aerophone family. It is made of brass tubing bent twice into a rounded oblong shape. Sound is produced by blowing air through closed lips into the mouthpiece. This produces a vibration of air column inside the instrument. The mouthpiece has a circular rim, providing a comfortable environment for lips vibration. The cup directly behind the rim channels the air into a smaller opening. Trumpets have three or four piston valves. These valves increases the length of the tubing when engaged. This in turn lowers the pitch. The pitch of the trumpet can be raised or lowered by using a tuning slide, pulling which lowers the pitch. Read more about Trumpet here Here are small videos explaining the basics. Vi...


Accordion is a box-shaped musical instrument belonging to the Bellows-driven, Free-reed Aerophone. It is an instrument widely spread across the world. It is used in various kinds of music in different parts of the world. Accordion is played by compressing and/or expanding the bellows while pressing buttons. The pressing of buttons causes Pallets to open, allowing air to flow across strips of brass or steel, called Reeds. The Reeds vibrate and produce sound inside the body of the Accordion. There are different types and configurations of Accordions. Piano Accordions use a piano-style keyboard and Button Accordions use buttons. They can produce different pitches depending upon the direction of movement of the Bellows. Piano Accordions and Chromatic Button Accordions are Unisonic whereas Diat...